A Look Inside Tropics

Here it is!

The wonderful employees of Tropics spoke to Beachy Keen about how the store got started, what they do there and why they love it.

This is the first video I’ve ever made and put together, and while there’s obviously room for improvement, I have to say my favorite parts of my video were the introduction where Andreas tells his story and my B-roll where I put in lots of clips of all the fish they have at the store. I chose an alternative introduction (not one with a description/title) because I wanted the viewer to be immediately immersed in Andreas’ story.

As far as my field of study, I’m involved in Broadcast Journalism. I just made the switch from my previous major, Art & Design. With broadcast, my experiences so far have been with writing scripts, technical directing and anchoring. Can you tell I haven’t made any packages yet? 🙂

If I had to do it over, I would get more shots of the inside of the store, and to interview a customer. Overall, I’m happy with my project!



Future of Beachy Keen

As many of you already know, Beachy Keen was started through a class, JOUR 285. The quarter is almost over, but this blog isn’t!

The class has requirements on the blog that I won’t be continuing, such as not being able to use first-person most of the time, and little projects we have to post on our blog. After this class, I’ll be morphing Beachy Keen to fit my interests and serve my audience in a more personalized way.

My favorite things I’ve done for this blog are my photo slide shows, my audio story, and the reviews I’ve done in my own time.

My friend and classmate, author of Comics: Caffeinated Michelle Zaludek told me, “I’ve found Beachy Keen interesting because lot of beach-goers talk about it a lot, but they aren’t blogging about it. They use social media, but that don’t give you the full experience like your blog does.”

I’m looking to expand this blog to cover nature and wildlife in general, and not just within the Central Coast.

Have suggestions? Want to see something? Go to Contact Me and shoot me an email or connect with me on my social media!

Over Spring Break I’ll be road tripping with a couple friends up to Monterey, Santa Cruz, San Francisco and hopefully all the way up to Portland and covering marine life and nature along the way.

Get ready for awesome videos, photos, reviews, articles and other multi media to showcase my adventures!

Thank you all so much for your support and feedback! Beachy Keen has just begun 🙂



Morro Rock, Morro Bay California. Photo taken by Avrah Baum

Morro Rock, Morro Bay California. Photo taken by Avrah Baum

Video Promo

Beachy Keen is excited to announce a video project coming up soon!

I’ll be going to Tropics, an aquarium supply store in San Luis Obispo. They carry supplies for tropical and fresh water aquariums and tons of corals, fish and other creatures to look at and purchase.

After reading Yelp reviews, I learned that the owner is very knowledgable about all types of fish and maintaining their eco systems.

I plan on interviewing the owner, employees and customers to find out about his passion for marine life. I also want to report on what it takes to maintain a tropical aquarium. I’m excited to showcase the beautiful visuals of aquatic life and how to bring it to your home!

Image used with permission by the Creative Commons license.

Image used with permission by the Creative Commons license.

Giovanni’s Fish Market

Giovanni’s Fish Market has been a huge attraction in Morro Bay, California for the past thirty years. Beachy Keen loves anything seafood related, so naturally checking out Giovanni’s was a must-do.

5 Reasons Why You Should Download Replay

You probably think all the hip photo apps have been downloaded and your photo editing expertise has been maximized to the highest level, but Replay might prove you wrong. Beachy Keen found this cool, new (and free!) app to make beautiful videos from your pictures and videos on your phone.
photo (7)image (1)Replay App

Replay is a video making app that is specially designed for posting on Instagram. Your inner basic just squealed a little. It’s okay. This app is actually pretty cool.

Basically, you can throw together a beautiful video in minutes just by picking exactly what you want in it. It’s that easy.

It was UK App of the Year in 2014, and for a good reason. Here’s five:

1. You can pick any combination of up to 200 photos/videos for your video.

2. They offer 22 different styles to make your video.

3. You can pick music to play in the background, both songs that the app has, and from your own iTunes library.

4. It’s insanely fast and easy to throw together.

5. You can share your video on multiple media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, and Whatsapp.

Some cons: it tends to freeze and crash, which is frustrating and very confusing at times.

Overall, this app definitely scored Beachy Keen’s stamp of approval. Download it and see for yourself! It’s currently available in the iTunes App Store for iPhone and iPad.

Click here to see Beachy Keen's Replay!

Click this image to see Beachy Keen’s Replay! All photos in the Replay taken by Avrah Baum.

Update on the Monarch Butterflies

Beachy Keen decided that the monarch butterflies at Pismo Beach are too phenomenal to discuss just once.

So many pictures were taken; some great, some blurry (if you can imagine the insanity of chasing around a flying insect with your 18-55 mm lens). But here’s a favorite:

So graceful. Image by Avrah Baum.

So graceful. Image by Avrah Baum.

Now that it’s the second half of February, they’ve slowly begun leaving their colony in Pismo to head back up north, many to Canada. They travel in groups of thousands, and the Pismo Beach Monarch Grove is one of the largest in the nation, where about 25,000 monarchs have called home in the past 5 years. The monarch butterflies that come down to Pismo originate from west of the Rocky Mountains. The butterflies that migrate down from east of the Rockies fly all the way down to Mexico for the winter.

Justin Trabue, a student at California Polytechnic State, San Luis Obispo appreciates the rare opportunity to see monarch butterflies. “I’m from D.C., so I don’t get to see this at home,” Trabue said. “That’s why I think it’s so cool to be able to come here and see thousands and thousands of them in one place.”

Michael Chen and his wife, Tiffany Chen are tourists that enjoy observing the natural wildlife at the many places they’ve traveled to. They brought their own cameras, binoculars and tripods with them and set up along the wooden bar separating the grove from the walkway. “I could stand here all day and look at them,” Chen said. “We invest a lot of money in our equipment to take excellent pictures to show our family.”

You don’t need a fancy camera to experience the beauty of the grove. Just go, and enjoy a few peaceful minutes with nature without a gadget in hand. It does wonders for the soul.

There are still butterflies preparing for their journey, so if you hurry, you can still see them for the next couple of weeks when the skies are clear and the weather is warm. Although the weather along the Central Coast is a bit fickle, don’t be too discouraged if it isn’t a good day to see the butterflies…

The monarchs are keeping warm in clusters high up in the trees on foggy days. Image by Avrah Baum.

The monarchs can be seen keeping warm in clusters high up in the trees on foggy days. Image by Avrah Baum.

You can easily see them from your own window!

If you want to create a mini monarch grove of your own, David Coon, a docent with San Luis Obispo State Parks (Beachy Keen just loves this guy) has some advice. “They like to eat nectar from flowers. They don’t usually need to eat in the winter, but if you have any flowering plants, it’ll attract them to your yard.” Beachy Keen spots monarchs across California Polytechnic State University’s campus all the time!

Good luck spotting the monarchs as they migrate north, and don’t forget to pick up some potted flowers for your garden!

Stay tuned: Beachy Keen has crazy plans throughout the next few weeks. Get ready to see Santa Cruz, California and Monterey Bay!