Future of Beachy Keen

As many of you already know, Beachy Keen was started through a class, JOUR 285. The quarter is almost over, but this blog isn’t!

The class has requirements on the blog that I won’t be continuing, such as not being able to use first-person most of the time, and little projects we have to post on our blog. After this class, I’ll be morphing Beachy Keen to fit my interests and serve my audience in a more personalized way.

My favorite things I’ve done for this blog are my photo slide shows, my audio story, and the reviews I’ve done in my own time.

My friend and classmate, author of Comics: Caffeinated Michelle Zaludek told me, “I’ve found Beachy Keen interesting because lot of beach-goers talk about it a lot, but they aren’t blogging about it. They use social media, but that don’t give you the full experience like your blog does.”

I’m looking to expand this blog to cover nature and wildlife in general, and not just within the Central Coast.

Have suggestions? Want to see something? Go to Contact Me and shoot me an email or connect with me on my social media!

Over Spring Break I’ll be road tripping with a couple friends up to Monterey, Santa Cruz, San Francisco and hopefully all the way up to Portland and covering marine life and nature along the way.

Get ready for awesome videos, photos, reviews, articles and other multi media to showcase my adventures!

Thank you all so much for your support and feedback! Beachy Keen has just begun 🙂



Morro Rock, Morro Bay California. Photo taken by Avrah Baum

Morro Rock, Morro Bay California. Photo taken by Avrah Baum


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