Since starting this blog 6 weeks ago, I have posted articles, slide-shows and reviews of beaches, aquariums, and marine life to discover along the Central Coast. I want to thank everyone who has even taken a glance at my blog and given me feedback; it’s not possible to move forward and constantly improve without constructive criticism.

My Stats:

I’ve had 282 views on my blog, and 109 individual visitors. I haven’t been using social media to advertise very much, however I have added a link with my twitter, created its own Instagram, and I finally shared it on my Facebook page. In class, we conducted a peer assessment of our blogs to receive more focused feedback. Here’s what I got:

1. Use sub-headlines. Lupita Rodriquez, author of A Golden View suggested this. Absolutely! I didn’t think to do this, but it’s totally useful in helping readers get a sense of what my articles are about before they choose to dive in. Making my opening statements catchy is also important.

2. Increase font size. Lupita also recommended this. In general, I’ve thought about changing the theme of my blog, which would also re-arrange how my media would be presented. I can’t change certain things like font size with my current theme, so I’m looking into another theme I could use that would maximize the readability of my blog.

Thank you to those of you so far who have read Beachy Keen! I’ve enjoyed this experience so much that after this class is over, I’m planning on continuing it and making it more my own. Any comments & suggestions are more than welcome, so let me know your thoughts!

Keeping it Beachy Keen,



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