Beachy Keen was in Morro Bay (again) this past weekend and paid a visit to The Shell Shop, Inc.

Since 1955, The Thomas family has owned and operated this world renowned store, and according to their site, has the largest collection of shells and collectible marine life on the Central Coast.

Upon entering, you’re immediately surrounded by the warm sunlight beaming in from the windows and an inviting vibe. Beautiful corals and jewelry boxes line the shelves, and shell chandeliers hang from the ceiling. The long tables are covered in baskets that are filled with a huge assortment of discoveries for sale. You’d be hard-pressed to find another place that has dried out sea horses, pufferfish and shark jaws!

A sun-filled corner with shell crafts

A sun-filled corner with shell crafts. Image by Avrah Baum

I purchased a night light with a beautiful whale carving on a purple shell.

Shell Night Light

Shell Night Light. Image by Avrah Baum

A favorite item there are the painted shell roses! At only $2.50 each, you can pick up a couple (or a dozen…) for your Valentine.

Shell roses

Shell roses. Image by Avrah Baum.

You haven’t seen anything yet. Check out The Shell Shop on any day of the year, (minus Thanksgiving and Christmas) and be prepared to be completely wow’d by what you find.


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