There’s Gray Whales Along the Pacific Coast, and this is why it matters

If you’re a sucker for spotting marine life, (assuming so, as you’ve paid a visit to Beachy Keen!) then you’ll love this. Right as you read this, there are 15,000 gray whales swimming down the North American Pacific Coast, and people have been seeing the 45 ft-long gentle giants every single day.

The Cambrian‘s article, “If you watch the waters, you’re in for a (gray) whale of a treat” describes the gray whale migration pattern and tips on how to spot the beautiful giants.

Here’s why it’s so cool:

  • You have the opportunity to witness a beautiful mammal that was once believed to be extinct.
  • Researchers counted 431 calves in 2014. That’s a lot of babies!

Thanks to conservation efforts, there are now more than 20,000 of them swimming right in your backyard.

They can be spotted heading south November through January all the way down to Baja, California, where they turn around and head back up north to Alaska March through May.

Tranquil waters and a crystal clear sky are the best conditions for whale watching, and The Cambrian recommends looking about two-thirds out to the horizon to find blows. They travel in groups, so if there’s one whale coming up for a breather, its buddies aren’t too far behind.


There she blows!

Image by Merrill Gosho, free to use/share.


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